The Story Behind "One T.U.F.F. Cookie"

The Story Behind "One T.U.F.F. Cookie"

The quick version of the story: I was happily married (so I thought) and in what seemed like the worse whirlwind ever, I was a divorced mother of two, feeling like a failure because infidelity and narcissism destroyed the family I had dreamed about for so long. I went from living in a home with my blended family to being asked to leave with my boys and finding a condo in what I call "the trap" within 2 weeks of our scheduled move out. I felt like THEE failure of a lifetime. I tried to ignore what my life had become; everywhere I turned, another domino would drop and then came the monsoon of tears.

I could not catch a break. At least, so I thought...

Thanks to a supportive inner circle and an amazing God and prayer life (also, an exceptionally insane covering of grace), my eyes began to open in a way I wish the LASIK surgery I went in debt for could. I realized that while not ideal (for me), my boys having two homes is not the end of the world. (Having a weekend home and a weekday home is kinda fancy, right?) The days of crying that they were gone because I had nothing to do soon became countdowns to Friday evening when they would be whisked away so I could do any- and everything but communicate with juveniles. I got my travel time, my quiet time, my catch-up-on-"Criminal Minds"-even-though-you've-seen-almost-everything time. I got to reconnect with me.

And date, but that's a story for another day. Far, far away.

I was able to reconnect with ME and while there are some times I feel inadequate, I show myself grace and move passed that.

And thus, One T.U.F.F. Cookie was born. I felt that I allowed life to get me down and keep me down way too long, so I decided to get up. Am I perfect? Of course not because no one is. I can, you can, WE CAN, be the example of perfection that changes the world in the best ways possible-- by showing grace and living unapologetically. Regardless of what we were born into, we all have the ability to be



Focused and


We all have One T.U.F.F. Cookie inside; unleash that part of you into the world and watch how you soar.